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Loncin fort

Loncin fort


Loncin fort is part of the fortified ring round Liège built by General Brialmont (1821-1903) from 1888 to 1891. The Fortified Position consisted of twelve forts built in non-reinforced concrete. Half-buried, the forts had domes protecting howitzers, guns and machine guns. Six large forts, triangular in shape – Barchon, Fléron, Boncelles, Flémalle, Loncin and Pontisse – alternated with six smaller pentagonal forts – Évegnée, Chaudfontaine, Embourg, Hollogne, Lantin and Liers. The larger forts differed from the smaller ones by the fact that they had a garrison and slightly superior weapons. Creating a virtually perfect circle, the forts occupied dominant positions at a distance varying between 7 and 9 km from the city. The spaces between them appeared to be sufficiently short to allow for mutual artillery cover. Loncin used its firepower to defend the main road and railway to Brussels. Engaged in the battle for Liège on 7th August 1914 under Major Naessens brought in by General Leman, who was responsible for the whole of the Fortified Position, his 550 gunners and infantrymen held out for eight days against their attackers who, finding themselves outgunned, finished by bringing up the most modern of its  Krupp howitzers, the legendary "Big Bertha", which was used for the first time in a battle situation. On 15th August at 5.20 pm, a shell 42 cm in diameter and weighing close to 800 kg scored a direct hit, bringing down the vaulted roof of the powder magazine, which exploded, burying 350 soldiers. 250 of them are still entombed forever under the piles of concrete rubble. The association of the Front de Sauvegarde du Fort de Loncin offers visitors to the necropolis a new scenography, that is as moving as it is impressive, dealing with everyday life at the fort, its final moments and the desperate heroism of the defenders.

Listed: 11-06-2004


Lat : 50.6739Lng : 5.49382
0 m
2 years

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