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Les ruines du château de Poilvache

Les ruines du château de Poilvache


The site at Poilvache, situated between Namur and Dinant, close to an old bend in the Meuse, is a location featuring ruins and traces of a former "château", "farmyard" and "town". The first mention of Poilvache dates back to 1228 and the destruction of the buildings by an alliance of troops from Dinant and Huy under the principality of Liège took place during the siege of 1430.

An initial area of raised earth visible at the site appears to delineate a farmyard or forward defensive area. The castle then comes into view, protected by a first ditch. Quadrangular in shape, it is flanked by five towers, as well as a great room on the inside of the south-east corner. A curtain wall marks a courtyard that has a well at its centre that is 54.5 metres deep. After a second ditch, the town spreads out. The way the area was organised is not clearly known, but we know that there were several large houses there, in particular the one with "the big gable". These houses, built on four levels, included cellar and water tank, ground floor with fireplace, upper level and attics.

The site has been excavated and consolidation work is also planned aimed at highlighting the archaeological and monumental remains at this architectural site that is exceptional for its traditional and military mediaeval nature. Note that the site is also of interest from the point of view of its natural setting (natural estate reserve of Champalle-Poilvache).

Listed: 30-09-1982

Exceptional heritage site of Wallonia


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