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The castle keep of Villeret

The castle keep of Villeret


The castle keep of Villeret, situated between the Brabant châteaux of Corroy, Sombreffe, Tongrinne and Mielmont, is mentioned for the first time in 1278. It was built during the 13th century in limestone, sandstone and dolomite of a grey-purple colour. It takes its name from the Namur land on which its owners, the family from Hobereaux, the Villerets, set up home.

According to archaeological investigations, the high tower would have been 13 metres in height and rectangular in shape measuring 12.20 by 8.90 metres. It had three levels and adjoined a cellar at the beginning of Modern Times. Currently, access to the ground floor is via a door level with the courtyard.  The room features niche loopholes under two separate ridged vaults separated by a traverse rib. The upper levels are accessed by flights of stairs positioned one above the other in the west wall.  The various levels have windows with double seats, plus a fireplace, as well as niches, latrines, a domestic chapel, etc. Some elements (such as the uprights of the fireplace) have been reconstituted based on archaeological observations, as well as old photographs, while others (the ceilings and roof) have been rebuilt using contemporary materials.

Villeret keep differs from other fortified houses in Wallonia by the unusual importance it gives to light and comfort. It is the best preserved example of a Mediaeval seigniorial dwelling in Wallonia.

Listed: 5-09-1978

Exceptional heritage site of Wallonia


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