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The organ in St Paul's church

The organ in St Paul's church


The organ and organ case in St Paul's church were probably built by Dieudonné-Joseph Dell Haye (1725-1811), and Antwerp organ-maker whose uncle was a famous maker in Rotterdam. Characterised by a specific style, far from the "organ landscape" in Wallonia, the instrument, which is similar to small organ of the 18th century in the homes of the wealthy, is divided into two parts. The upper section has two doors protecting a façade of decorative pipes, as well as numerous sculpted elements. The lower part opens up with drawers. This part contains the bellows mechanism, made up of a wedge-shaped set of bellows. It also holds the ten register strings and 49-key keyboard. Capping this is a prominent cornice. Note that this exceptional little unit is genuine, with the exception of the keyboard, false springs, shutters that have been lost and some pipes.

Listed: 29-03-1976

Exceptional heritage site of Wallonia (organ and case)


Lat : 50.1852Lng : 5.94069
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