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Trèves gate

Trèves gate


Trèves gate, otherwise called the "low gate", "old prison" or "mill gate", is an imposing structure whose defensive functions are exceptionally well preserved. Commanding the entrance to the town by the "Chéravoie", an entrance that existed before the charter of John the Blind (1332), the gate is built from sandstone blocks. It was initially capped by a pyramidal roof, which was replaced in the 18th century by a furred mansard roof. The gate is 8 metres square with a vaulted passageway. Still visible is a rebate with hinges to hold a door, as well as a running channel for a portcullis. The first level has just two slits as openings. This almost blind appearance is also evident on the upper level, which has only three machicolations, a gun opening and a few windows.  The right-hand side is marked by traces of tearing from the walkway. Also visible is an opening that allowed access to the gate itself. Today, the Trèves gate is accessed by a wooden staircase on the left-hand side of the building.

Listed: 22-02-1938

Exceptional heritage site of Wallonia



Lat : 50.0056Lng : 5.72125
0 m
1 year

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