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Jodoigne-Souveraine castle

Jodoigne-Souveraine castle


Also known as the old toll house or old hotel of Glymes, the name of the family that owned a manor at the site that was damaged many times, Jodoigne-Souveraine castle was built in the second half of the 18th century by two half-brothers, count Antoine-Joseph of Glymes and baron Ernest-Joseph of Spangen. A date stone for 1764 in a cartouche bearing the coat of arms on the main façade is the main reminder of this enterprise.

The castle is in a U-shape punctuated by three towers. Brick, as well as white and blue stone are used extensively. The accommodation section, with its complex roof, occupies a central position, flanked by a wing that ends in a pavilion with a low entrance and a pavilion roof in eight sections. This roof also decorated each of the sides of the final wing on the other side of the courtyard. This part of the building, dating from 1763, is different from the others by its corners with its turned down quarter-circle sides. In addition to the buildings, a watering point as well as a tree nursery were also part of the clients' requirements. In the 19th century, a park was added to the estate after several of the outbuildings on the farm had been knocked down. The whole complex, as it is seen today, provides a particularly eloquent example of architecture blending both stately dwelling and farm, along the lines of the great estates handed down from the Middle Ages.

Building listed on 05/08/1944


Lat : 50.6937Lng : 4.84396
0 m
2 years

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