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Fontenova Spa

Fontenova Spa

The importance of the Verín thermal centres is one of the major attractions, apart from representing the place which concentrates the greatest density of mineral-medicinal waters in Europe. The Fontenova spring where you are now has been acknowledged and valued for its therapeutical properties since Roman times, and in the past used to be called Espido or La Fontenla. As it belongs to private ownership and given the affluence of people coming to receive the waters from this fountain, the owners decided to explore, prepare and condition the place, in addition to entrusting water analysis to the engineer Mr. Rafael Sáenz, who revealed the therapeutic wealth of the liquid: bicarbonate, sodium, fluorated and lithium; indicated for treating: kidney, stomach, liver and intestinal ailments.
The result of these initiatives is that it was declared of public use in 1904 and in 1935 the spa therapy installations were built, which included: back, lumbar, abdominal, hot and cold, showers, chair baths, as well as a medical dispensary.
The original installations were closed in 1962. Its waters with a flow of 42 litres per minute, continued to come out between 10 and 14ºC in the springs without gas, and between 18 and 19ºC in the springs with gas. Today there is a water pavilion, mixed spa and a packaging plant.  

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