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Cabreiroá Spa

Cabreiroá Spa

The citizens of Verín have always used the waters from this spring to treat different ailments. In the past the place where this marvellous building complex is set used to be an enormous puddle due to the affluence of people wanting to try the waters.
The installations were slowly improved with small works and in 1906 the spring waters were declared a public utility. At that time, they decided to build a small kiosk as a kind of octagonal temple where the large numbers of people visiting could protect themselves from the bad weather. The construction of this small bottling plant was accompanied by the spa foundation in 1907 thanks to an economic contribution from José García Barbón, the town benefactor. This large infrastructure was designed as a health complex as we understand it today, and important personalities used to attend, such as the Nobel Prize-winner Santiago Ramón y Cajal. It remained open until 1936, when it became a military post and hospital due to the Civil War. Afterwards, it returned to its bottling activity, and the water taking started losing its affluence.
On a technical level the waters contain bicarbonate and sodium, particularly favourable for digestion, stimulating gastric mobility, likewise bowel, gall bladder and pancreatic transit.

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