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Val do Cenza Gully

Val do Cenza Gully

Canyoning and generally active nature tourism and hiking, have a unique landscape in this part of Galicia, like the one we are seeing now. The environmental wealth in terms of flora and fauna which you will enjoy on this hike route must be preserved and we are all responsible for this. Therefore, we ask you collaborate in respecting the environment. Please refrain from generating or abandoning rubbish or shouting unnecessarily. Only walk through the river when strictly necessary and if the depth allows this. To sum up, please obey the slogan Don’t take anything except photos and don’t leave anything but footprints.
To reach the beginning of the gully, you must go back over your steps to the main path from the village and take the right turning until reaching the stone fountain. From there you must follow the upward path heading for San Mamede de Edrada. On passing this second village you should reach a small valley, perpendicular to the main one, from where you can then see the gully. Entry is via small pool behind which are two ten metre waterfalls. Take extra care if river flow is heavy. From here on there are toboggans, small rappels, leaps and overhangs, until you reach the Conso River.

Lat : 42.1453Lng : -7.22859
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