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Our Lady of Portas Abertas

Our Lady of Portas Abertas

The town hall of Vilardevós, has a hill fort probably dating back to the Romans, virtually unknown and little studied called Florderrei Vello. Marcelo Macías mentions it in his studies narrating the appearance of a headstone. The chapel of Our Lady of Portas Abertas was erected in the 19th century on the peak of this oppidum. The unique church name refers to the impressive views to be enjoyed from its location. Inside the building we can also find the remains of the aforementioned hill fort, likewise a slate headstone, today held in the Provincial Archaeological Museum. Apart from the religious and architectural importance of the chapel, it also houses a large number of traditional beliefs and legends.
The parish festivities honouring the Virgin are held on 15th September. Every year from the end of August enormous swarms of winged ants fly over the temple to finally drop dead at the foot of the church. The importance of this phenomenon is greater when emigrants from this area notice the presence of ants in their belongings or images of the Saint. The phenomenon has aroused the interest and curiosity of numerous visitors to the chapel every year. Another legend of Our Lady of Portas Abertas, narrates the disappearance of the image on being brought out in procession during part of the journey to the parish of Arzádegos, and its reappearance on climbing the hill to return it to its sanctuary.

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