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Church of St. Mary the Eldest

Church of St. Mary the Eldest

This church can be found in the heart of the historic quarter of Verín. Nevertheless, according to different documents, a temple already existed on that plot, although erection of the building we see today was started in 1601.
You go in through a side door, which undoubtedly was part of the old Monterrei franciscan monastery. The door is flanked by pillars and topped with a triangular pediment housing an image of the Virgin.
However, the most noteworthy elements of the temple can be found inside. Here you can see different carvings like Christ bearing the Cross (1898), St. Joseph, Our Lady of Carmen, or the Immaculate Conception. You can also see various Celanova abbey shields, reminding us of the temple dependence on the great Benedictine monastery.
The most important image of all is The Christ of the Battles, one of the most important works in Galician imagery dating back to the 18th century and attributed to the genial sculptor Gregorio Fernández. This sculptured located on the high altar is housed in a very large and unique vault reminiscent of the Compostela shell and refers to the Silver Trail, which passes through this town and finishes in Santiago de Compostela.
The chapel annexed to the main nave, called Our Lady of Sorrows was donated by José Garcia Barbón and contains the figures of Our Lady of Sorrows and Recumbent Christ.


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