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D.O. Monterrei Wine

D.O. Monterrei Wine

Vine growing tradition in the Monterrei region dates back to the Romans. The religious communities increased the growing of this crop during the 9th century using its produce to pay feudal lord taxes. Its fame and quality was already excellent during the Middle Ages according to Federico Justo Méndez in his work Brotes de Raíces Históricas, which comments on the possible expansion of the excellent product to American lands. At the end of the 20th century production dropped due to emigration and little profitability. However, it picked up again and went on to have excellent results from around 1994.
The town councils comprising the Monterrei denomination, one of the five extant in Galicia, are: Monterrei, Oímbra, Verín, Castrelo do Val, Riós and Vilardevós. The production area extends throughout the valley created by the Támega River and to a lesser extent over the surrounding slopes.
The varieties of deep fertile soils offer differentiated nuances, combined with the infrequent warm climate of Galicia, create the ideal factors for the grape to develop with the quality required by its Denomination. The vineyard consists of the white autochthonous varieties: Dona Blanca (Moza Fresca), Godello, and Treixadura; and red wines: Mencía, and Merenzao (María Ardoña or Bastardo), and Tempranillo (Arauxa). As a result distinguished wines with personality are offered, insofar as the white wines are aromatic, fresh and corpulent whereas the red wines are mature and meaty.

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