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Támega River

Támega River

The Támega River is one of the most important watercourses of the entire south-eastern Galicia, irrigating the Orense towns of de Laza, Verín, Castrelo do Val and Oímbra, finally flowing into the Duero River in the Portuguese town of Entre os Ríos. It begins its course in Serra de San Mamede, in A Alberguería to be precise at an altitude of 960 metres with a total length of 145 Km until it reaches the great Duero River.
The entire river course has been declared a Site of Community Importance (SCI) by the Natura 2000 Network. The main purpose of this declaration is to guarantee the biodiversity and preservation of wild flora and fauna habitats.
This declaration is more than justified in the case of Támega River, since we can find in this area species such as the European Nightjar (“Caprimulgus europaeus”), the Common Kingfisher (“Alcedo atthis”), the Woodlark (“Lullula arbórea”), or the Tawny Pipit (“Anthus campestris”). The presence of regular migratory birds has also been recorded such as the Mallard (“Anas platyrhynchos”) or the Little Ringed Plover (“Charadrius dubius”).
The river course flora and surroundings is also of exceptional environmental and landscape value. There are well-preserved riverbank tree formations and fish populations of interest.

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