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Invernadeiro Natural Park

Invernadeiro Natural Park

This natural set has an area of 5.722 hectares and it's located in Vilariño de Conso municipality. In this vast montainous area, altitude ranges from 1.000 to 1.500 metres on average, reaching higher levels in San Mamede (1.619 metres) and Cabeza de Manzaneda (1.782 metres).  The old galician mountains combine in their landscape  the angular ridges of rocks, mainly made of granite in the north, and schists and quartzites in the south, with the soft rounded valleys. The most outstanding rivers in the park are Ribera Grande and Ribera Pequena. The Circo glaciar do Filgueiro, with a big holly forest is also notheworthy.
Since the Middle ages, the property wasn't divided or parceled out. It was a private property in the 50's, used frecuently by nobility and clergy groups for hunting. After a big fire in 1981, The Xunta de Galica Goverment decided to purchase it in 1984, and it was  opened as a Natural Park on the 5th of June 1997.
Nowadays it has the Aula de la Naturaleza de Ribeira Grande, where school groups can perform a very wide range of activities. Signed routes must be followed in the park, since deers live in semi-liberty. Fallow deers, mouflons, mountain goats, wild boars ad wolves are wild animal life representatives we can find in the park area.

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