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Viana do Bolo Tower of Homage and Ethnographic Museum

Viana do Bolo Tower of Homage and Ethnographic Museum

Viana do Bolo Castle and Borough owe much to Ferdinand II of León. In 1180 this king ordered the rebuilding of the remains of an old pre-existing fort in this place and repopulating the borough, starting with today’s district of “Cabo da vila”, the oldest in the place. Little by little Viana was transformed into a nucleus of power leading to continuous changes in feudal lords fighting for control of the area, to such an extent its fort has also been destroyed and rebuilt on numerous occasions. It accumulated power over the years until it had its own charters and government.
Today only the Tower of Homage is visible in this large military area. The 18 metre high tower has been renovated and houses the Viana do Bolo Ethnography Museum collection. There is an exhibition hall on the ground floor where we can find paintings of interest by Sofía García Mares and Neslon Zumel. The rest of the tower is distributed as follows: the first floor is dedicated to popular architecture, home and domestic life; the second floor exhibits agricultural and cattle farming techniques, whilst the third floor is destined to artisanal work and traditional trades. They all contain works, which take us back to a traditional world and the most authentic ways of life in the territory.

Lat : 42.1805Lng : -7.11565
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