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Aguas Sousas Spa

Aguas Sousas Spa

Verín lands are traditionally associated as a thermal destination because of its quality and abundance of springs and mineral medicinal waters, it’s got six springs on its territory: Cabreiroá, Caldeliñas, Fonte do Sapo, Fontenova, Requeixo and Sousas.
Sousas Spring, with 381 metres above sea level, already appears mentioned in 1853 in D. Pedro Mª Rubio’s treatise: Fuentes minerales de España. In 1859, infrastructures erected on the spring had a pavilion and a bathing hall, built in order to enjoy the properties of water coming from the spring. On April of the same year, they were declared of public utility.
At the beginning of XX century a hospice hotel was opened and it worked until 1960, and nowadays only the old kiosk from which emerges the spring is preserved. The healing treatment with this element was done though progressive doses for fifteen days and is known the ancient tradition of taking healing baths.
Its water qualities -sodium bicarbonate fluoride, with lithium and weak mineralization- are suitable for renal conditions, diuretic treatment, hepatic disease and digestive apparatus disease. Its fluoride content makes it suitable for babies and children under seven years old to avoid dental fluorosis and cavities.
Currently, the spa known as Aguas Sousas Spa commercializes its product as bottled drink and certificated as natural mineral water.

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