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Chestnut Interpretation Centre

Chestnut Interpretation Centre

Riós Town Council is one of the most representative populations in terms of chestnut production and exploitation. The growing of this product in conjunction with Vilardevós, A Gudiña, A Mezquita and Verín, is a basic element of the region economic activity. Likewise the vast extensions of chestnut trees and their fruit uniquely define the landscape not to mention popular tradition and its inhabitants' relationship with the environment.
Riós is part of the European Chestnut Route as a member of the Conso-Frieiras region of which Italian, French and Portuguese regions are also members. As this route crosses Riós we discover chestnut copses with centennial trees boosting the landscape, ecological and natural aspects of the territories through which it travels.
The Chestnut Interpretation Centre was opened in Trasestrada in 2002 with a view to fostering and making known this delicious heritage, likewise driving and guaranteeing preservation of this product. The centre is located in A Igrexa in the old two floor rectory. It has three rooms revolving around the chestnut history, management and its threats. There is also information on gastronomy, manipulation processes and traditions associated with this product.
The colours, flavours and experiences arisen from these millenary trees will be conveyed to a traditional and modern space associated with this exquisite gastronomic delicacy.

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