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Iglesia y pazo de Santa María de Oímbra

Iglesia y pazo de Santa María de Oímbra

Santa María de Oímbra Church you are visiting, is been built following a Romanesque style still seen in the side walls of the main nave, in the round arch on the southern wall and in the existing corbels on the northern wall cornice. In 1634 it was improved and enlarged, and fruit of this, is the chapel attached to the central nave, accessible through the basilica. Fruit of this different interventions it’s got a barrel vault, baroque and rococo altarpieces, besides an interesting monstrance from XVIII century.

On Main Square, we can find the “Pazo de Oímbra” ordered to build by los Condes de Monterrei, as a resting and retirement place. Since its initial construction, it was improved three times, changing its original image, once in 1786 as stated on an inscription located on the outside walls.  The Pazo is accessible through a courtyard where a stone-made coat of arms is preserved. Through a regal stone staircase, we reach a wooden corridor where we can find a coat of arms similar to the previous one. Originally the building had probably a little chapel attached, which is currently independent from the pazo. This chapel nowadays belongs to the people of Oímbra. It enjoyed great splendour until XIX century, time when its decline started.

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