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Laza Carnival

Laza Carnival

This ancient local tradition begins on New Year’s Eve, when young people announce that carnival is ready making cowbells or chocos ring. This party is celebrated between February and March and its starting point takes place on Friday before Ash Wednesday, with the announcement of neighborhood groups called Folións, who carrying lighted straw torches (fachos de palla) and ringing the chocos, declare the beginning of the celebration.
The fun continues on Saturday with La fariñada, a pitched battle with flour among those present. On Sunday, during A estrea dos Peliqueiros, Los Peliqueiros come on the scene, they are Laza Carnival icons. Celebration revolves around these characters, since they are the guardians of the other participants, the main characters and the most respected ones. They wear a mask of  birch wood, ended on some kind of miter decorated with animal motifs.
On Monday, during El gran día de la farrapada, takes place a fight where neighbors throw cloths mixed with mud each other, el bulleiro. The same day is celebrated A xitanada dos burros and A saída da Morena, a cow-headed figure that leads the entourage who fills the square of flour and ants. On Tuesday is celebrated the appearance of Os Peliqueiros veteranos, and the Gran desfile de Carrozas Enxebres. Finally takes place El testamento do burro and El entierro de la sardina to come to an end this spectacular celebration nobody should miss.

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