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Los Carboeiros Trail

Los Carboeiros Trail

Los Carboeiros Trail gathers one of the most representative traditions and lifestyles of Castrelo do val municipality and its environment. The activity consisted in making charcoal, needed for the development of other trades such as blacksmiths. It represented the complementary economic activity that inhabitants from Portocamba, Campobecerros, Sanguñedo, Vega de Nostre, Fontefría, Piornedo and Servoi carried out.
There were different kinds of coal depending on the original material, being urz coal or spark coal the most usual one. Urz coal curdled and went off very well, whereas oak coal, needed more time and its production was more dangerous.
Coal was worked in the uces albariñas areas where the strains or torgo were extracted, taking the top of the plant away and using it to get the fire going. At the same time, fire was prepared in a hole dug in the ground, where roots were placed for burning embers and thus produce coal. Once this job was finished, everything was covered with earth to complete the process with the necessary cooling and solidification.
The final product was taken by donkey to the towns in the valley or to the fair of Verin to be sold.
Los Carboeiros Trail means the enhancement and tribute to this hard trade. The route covers a distance of seventeen kilometers (10.5 miles); starting from Castrelo do Val, ascends to Cerdedelo, reaches Campobecerros and finishes in Castrelo.

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