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Church school

Church school

Around 1790 from the town of Negotin, Serbia chaplain Joanikii arrives in village of Rabisha where he becomes priest. In the following years a religious school is build inside the church. In the early 30s of 19th century the rural notables manage to solicit permission from Turkish authorities to expand the church "St. Elijah "and the construction of a separate extension for educational needs in the church yard. In between 1833 - 1834. the building was built, and in the next 1835 the religious school is officially opened. Since this year dates back the enlightenment activities in Rabisha. During the uprising of Belogradchik in 1850 there are memories about the church school being ignited and afterwards restored. The building of the religious school has two floors. The entire lower floor is one room with fixed planks and served as a bedroom for the students. The upper floor has a large northwestern room, which is intended for entertainment and a small northeastern room for the teacher. The doors of both rooms lead to a small hallway, whose output is large verandah. The architectural style of the religious school is with unbreakable connection with the Bulgarian rebvival house.

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