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Saint Gorgonius church

Saint Gorgonius church

The tower in white Gobertange stone dominates from afar the view of this village celebrated for its beer. The church is recognised as the largest Rococo one in the country.

It was built in 1754-59 thanks to contributions from the brewers after the old roman church fell into ruins An inscription on the tower, which was restored in 2006, states that Alpaidis, countess of Hoegaarden, founded a chapter here. At the side of the church is the chapter house and its park which are both open to visitors. The church and its splendid old buildings are witness to the wealth of this enclave of Liege in the duchy of Brabant.

Beneath the church tower is the treasure which consists of roman baptismal fonts, gothic sculptures and the Palm Sunday ass which is taken in procession annually on that day. The pulpit, the confessionals and the choir stalls are also worth seeing. Be careful where you walk: the noble masters of this work lie beneath you in the crypt.

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