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Chapel of All Saints

Chapel of All Saints

The Chapel of All Saints (1854) is a former pilgrimage destination. Pilgrims came from afar to pray to Saint Roch, Saint Anthony, Saint Apollina, Saint Leonard and many other saints.

Even today, the 1st of November is not a day for the annual market; no, above all it is a day of pilgrimage which still brings out a great crowd for a celebration of thanksgiving. In the last few years the chapel has been enriched by dozens of statues of various saints. Numerous thanksgiving plaques are offered here as a sign of gratitude.

Before 1830, the chapel was located on a hill. But it had to give up its place to a military citadel.

The new chapel was rebuilt near the centre of the city. The architect was inspired by the first Christian churches of the Near East. From there came the unique vault in the shape of a dome, of which the inhabitants of Diest are very proud.

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