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Church of Saint Joseph

Church of Saint Joseph

The parish of Moorsel was made independent in 1965.Previously, this parish was part of Sterrebeck and Tervuren but in the beginning of the 20th century the villagers, led by the brothers Coosemens, demanded their own church. Originally they planned a Neo Gothic church with three naves but this was reduced to one central nave. Work began in 1905 and was completely finished in a year but the church was much smaller than the original plan.

Damaged during the Second World War, it was temporarily repaired but the final restoration only occurred between 1998 and 2002.

Now, the pews placed in and ellipse invite people to sit closer to the altar to commune with themselves or to hear the priest.

The statue of Saint Joseph is a modern version of an old one which had been lost. Also worth seeing is a statue of the Virgin 116metres high, and the grotto called “Lourdes” behind the church.

Moorsel is also known for its procession of Saint Cornille.

Lat : 50.8565Lng : 4.53647
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