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Church of Saint John the Apostle

Church of Saint John the Apostle

Henry 1st, Duke of Brabant, had a small church built in the courtyard of his castle between 1200 and 1225. Over time the master builders integrated exquisitely old and new, the Romanesque and the Gothic to form a beautiful architectural ensemble.

Some rococo additions were made to the church in the 18th century; a Gothic window was built to house a baroque altar (1761).Around 1948 the cure Davidts, wanting to return to pure gothic, restored the church but left the baroque altar untouched. As the church belonged personally to the dukes of Brabant until 1280 it is not surprising to find the tombs of three dukes in the choir of the church: Antoine of burgundy (+1415),John 4th (+1427) and Phillip of Saint Pol (+1430).

In addition the church has some very beautiful Gothic accessories, the dead Christ in polychrome stone, remnants of frescoes in the transept and a superb rood screen whose three panels decorated with ten biblical paintings must be seen.

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