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Church of Saint Quentin

Church of Saint Quentin

Historically and architecturally, the foundations of the church of Saint Quentin are Romanesque. The lower part of the tower (about 1200) is the oldest part. The rest of the church was built around 1450 by Mathieu de Layens and is classed as high Gothic, Brabant style. The choir was completed in 1453 and the nave in 1535 but it was not until 1900 that the spire was added under the direction of the architect Langerock.

Inside are 18th century stalls, several paintings by Josef Verhaegen and, in the north transept, “The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne” by Gaspar de Crayer. The organ (1786) by Van Peterghem comes from the College of the Pope, not far from Saint Michael’s church.

A small anecdote: as the church is located on hill on Namur Street, one says of those passing on Sheep Street that “the living stroll under the dead”.

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