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Sint-Monulfus en Gondulfuskerk

Sint-Monulfus en Gondulfuskerk

The church of Mechelen , centre of this merged parish, is dedicated to two 6th century bishops of Maastricht: Saint Monolfe and Saint Gondolfe.

This Neo-Classic building constructed mainly in brick dates from 1851-1854.The architect was Herman Jaminé de Hasselt.

The church contains ancient religious artifacts such as 12th century baptismal fonts and 16th century statues of Monulfus and Gondulfus.

The 19th century altars were restored in 2004.  The restored organ, a blend between a Clerinx-organ (1854) and a Geurts-organ (1912), was inaugurated in 2007.

Lat : 50.9612Lng : 5.70089
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