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This Neo-Gothic church was erected in 1860-1864. In gratitude for the priest Father Smeyers, who was the master builder, a bas-relief adorns the entry portal. This bas-relief represents Father Smeyers receiving the building plans from the hands of Saint Ursula.

Let us point out that Leopold I, who came to visit after the completion of the construction of the church, ordered the production of a stained glass window. In 2005, all the stained glass windows were restored.

In the interior of the church, a special Way of the Cross attracts the attention through the representation of a number of village inhabitants. Certain nobles of the region received a tombstone in the wall or in a chapel.

In the alcoves of the choir are frescoes representing saints among them four prophets, four church fathers and the four evangelists. The interior finishing and the furniture form a beautiful Neo-Gothic ensemble thanks to the plans of Cornelis Janssen of Saint Trond. Here we must cite the high altar with Christ the King and the apostles, four side altars, the cathedra and two confessionals. It must be specified that the church houses some treasures that date from before the 19th century, such as among others baptismal fonts from the 14th century.

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