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The church built in 1937/8 is an amalgam of old and new. When the old church was demolished only the octagonal tower, which has three clocks, was retained on the south east side. Alfons Boosten of Maastricht and Jan Reyntjes of Zwevegem were the architects. Boosten had developed his own unique style, very recognisable but rather traditional. He was inspired by the old Romanesque churches of Limbourg.

The 17th century painting of Saint Amand is integrated in one of the altars (1790).From the 18th century are a second altar, the confessionals and the renovated pulpit. The high altar in marble was donated by the industrialist Leon Bekaert. The majority of the statues, such as saint Roch (16th century), saint Catherine, saint Eligius (17th century) are grouped in the corridor leading to the winter chapel. The Way of the Cross, the confessionals and the stained–glass windows are the works of various 20th century artists. A glass triptych depicts an auto-da-fé of books.

In 2006 and imposing contemporary sculpture by Bart Bogaert was placed in the church.

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