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Orthodoxe kerk HH Konstantijn en Helena

Orthodoxe kerk HH Konstantijn en Helena

The Orthodox parish church of Bruges was built in 1995 under the patronage of Saint Constantine and Saint Helene. It belongs to the archbishopric of Belgium under the jurisdiction of the ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople.

Up to 2007 the Orthodox community congregated in a small room on the ground floor of the ancient hospice but at the end of that year it was installed in the old chapel of Saint-Josse.According to the archives this chapel was built in 1449 and the facades were restored in 2005-6 but in 2007-8 the Orthodox community itself completed its interior decoration, while respecting and conserving the original works of art of the chapel of Saint-Josse.

A characteristic of Orthodox rite is the iconostasis, the screen which separates the Holy of Holies from the nave. This magnificent work was made in Greece from lime wood. An artist, coming especially from Moscow, spent a year in Bruges painting the frescoes. The icons were painted in Bruges. It is interesting to note that some of the stalls were made by the students of VTI of Diksmude. A final noteworthy element is the central circular lights which play an important role in the liturgy.

The Orthodox community church of Bruges welcomes all Orthodox Christians of the region : Greeks, Syrians, Russians, Serbs, Rumanians, Georgians, Poles, and Belgians.

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