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Grafkapel Zalige Priester Poppe - Pius X-kapel

Grafkapel Zalige Priester Poppe - Pius X-kapel

The earthly remains of the Flemish priest Edward Poppe were interred in the chapel of Pius X, . Edward Poppe (born on 18 December 1890 – died on 10 June 1924) defended the poor and the young. He was the spiritual guide of seminarists doing their military service and the director of the schools of nursing. He founded “de Eucharistische Kruistochten” (the Eucharistic crusades), a movement of young people that merged with the Chiro in 1950. As a religious educator, he wrote the catechism “Bij de Kindervriend” (With the friend of children).

After several heart attacks, Edward Poppe died at the age of 33. His funerary chapel, as well as the museum (which is dedicated to him) in Moerkerke and his monument in Temse, have become pilgrimage sites. In 1999, Edward Poppe was beatified by Pope John Paul II. The process of sanctification, under the direction of the postulant R.P. Fernand Van de Velde, is still under way.

The ‘ommegang’ of Father Poppe, which is held around the Church of Saint Martin, consists of a procession during which statues make reference to what he said and wrote.

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