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Statuette of Hercules Gaditano

Statuette of Hercules Gaditano

Lost wax bronze inlaid with silver eyes. Many old restorations.
Height preserved 22 cm.
Altoimperial Roman Period (siglos I-II)
Environment island of Sancti Petri (San Fernando, Chiclana de la Frontera, Cádiz).
Although not in very good condition, the piece can appreciate the power and force of Hercules, holding in his right hand three blocks from the Garden of the Hesperides. Here we have the old myth that links the hero to the end of the known world, as conceived by the sculptor Lysippos in the fourth century BC, known for the famous Farnese Hercules, Roman copy and adopted as a symbol of the Museum Cádiz. However, this piece raises a number of problems of attribution that still remain unresolved, as no archaeological context. The majority opinion of the researchers points to a Roman altoimperial time dating, being a miniature format of the cult statue of Hercules Melqart-existed in the famous temple of Cadiz and we know from coins of Hadrian's time. The initials HG allude to their character as an offering to the sanctuary and belonging to one's divinity "Gaditano Hercules," which has already taken a completely Hellenizing iconography, in contrast to its worship and liturgy aniconic east past.

Lat : 36.5354Lng : -6.29653
0 m
2 years

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