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Tábula Siarensis

Tábula Siarensis

Bronze recorded.
Height, 32 and 29.5 cm wide, 34 and 57 cm.
I Century AD
La Cañada, Utrera, Sevilla.

Named after its place of occurrence, the former Sear (near Utrera, Seville), this piece is part of one of the two tables which sets out the arrangements for the funeral to be taxed on the adopted son of Tiberius Germanicus, with cause of his death in Antioch on October 10, 19 AD It is a senatorial decree, in their political ends, is complementary to that of Gnaeus Piso. This was intended to silence rumors about the possible involvement of the emperor Tiberius's murder who was named to succeed him, his nephew and adopted son Germanicus.
The Tabula Siarensis, is to curry favor with the people, having a number of honors should surrender "who should never die." That is, whom his victories in the wars of Germany and hence its nickname had become the most popular member of the imperial family and many considered the legitimate successor of Augustus. Like that of Piso, the senatorial decree was recorded in numerous copies in bronze and displayed publicly throughout the Empire.


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