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The megalithic field

The megalithic field

The megalithic field at Wéris, which is 8 km long and 300 m wide, contains several menhirs SSW/NNE the alignment of which is determined by two dolmens, Wéris I and Wéris II (3200/2600 B.C.).

These structures are of similar size (approximately 10 m x 4.60 m), and have an ante-chamber and a burial chamber containing a parallelepipedic coffin covered with heavy stone slabs on three sides.

The stone used – pudding stone – was quarried nearby.
Although the site is undoubtedly designed for funerary purposes, the alignment of the menhirs suggests that it may also have been used for astronomy.

Site and monument listed (04-02-2014)

Listed as an exceptional heritage site of Wallonia (northern dolmen)

Technical information

Lat : 50.3336817Lng : 5.52298
0 m
7 years