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The place known as the Balconies of Madrid is a spectacular viewpoint over the river Sil Canyon. Located near the village of Parada de Sil. To get there we will follow a well marked trail from the village. The journey will take us only a few minutes.

Thanks to its strategic location overlooking the river from above, provides an excellent overview of one of the wildest stretches of Sil. In the bottom of the canyon the water flow set between vertical rock walls. From the rails come to see the Shrine of chains, located on the banks of the Ribeira Sacra Lugo. On clear days enjoy an open view over much of this land. The wet gray days and make the river and its banks in a mysterious fog and low clouds.

Is integrated into the network of hiking trails that traverse the area and is also a good place for birdwatching.

Lat : 42.4366Lng : -7.26968
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