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Le Becquet

Le Becquet

Credit : Le Becquet

In the South of the Eure, not far from Verneuil d'Avre et d'Iton (Verneuil-sur-Avre), discover a historic curiosity, the only one of its kind.
To meet the needs of the people and the need for defence, William the Conqueror had a canal dug circa 1030 higher than the natural course to divert water from the river Iton, downstream of Francheville, to supply the moats in Breteuil. His son, Henry Beauclerc, did the same thing to supply the moats in Verneuil, the water divide a few kilometres upstream. The construction of this artificial river, which is about ten kilometres long, lasted from 1119 to 1131. The two canals would be called “bras forcés de l’Iton” and the stonework the “Becquet“. With its U-shaped inclined spillways, it looks like a beak hence the name “Becquet”. Restored several times, it still works well eight centuries later. This bucolic place is ideal for a walk and a picnic, and its access has been improved to make it easier for people with disabilities.

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