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Château du Jonquet

Château du Jonquet

In the heart of the Troarn marshes, this 18th century "house in the country" is a listed historic monument and a fine example of classical architecture having preserved the majority of its stone or half-timbered outbuildings. The castle, made of Caen stone, is of distinctive architectural quality including sculpted ornementation: allegories and canting arms on the pediments, plant decor on the scrolls and window frames. Inside, one can visit the vestibule with its grand stone and ironwork staircase, the dining room, the lounge adorned with fine woodwork and the listed billiard room boasting rare early 19th century panoramic wall coverings by Dufour. Visit lasts: 1 hour.

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Lat : 49.1690541Lng : -0.1242316
0 m
45 d

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