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St. Anne's Chapel

St. Anne's Chapel

The only worship place that still exists on the pass.
This is the only worship place that still exists in our village. The inhabitants have built the chapel in 1658 and named it under St Ann's vocable. On July 26th, St. Anne's day, La Morte is on a festive mood. The very simple chapel has been cut short of 1.50m, for traffic needs in 1945. The chapel is crowned by a small bell: It´s easy to imagine the inhabitants of the city getting together near the chapel, called to pray by the bell sound. They must appreciate the few 10 Masses a year celebrated in this place. The other sundays or holidays, they must go to Lavaldens or Moulin Vieux, one hour malk away if the weather is good.
Inside, the building is quite sober. The altar is not very much elaborated. Above, St Ann's statue instructing Marie, future Christ's mother. There are also several statues of saints and paintings. This chapel dedicated to St. Anne was a place of pilgrimage, to request either rain or sun, depending on the needs. These pilgrimage could attract to 1000 people from all Matheysine plateau, hiking by Grand Rif track (about 3 hours). Depending on the weather, the Mass could take place near the cross at the end of the hamlet. Then they would eat something before going back 2 hours walking.

Immeuble les Mélèzes 38350 Alpe Du Grand Serre
Lat : 45.0263Lng : 5.84177
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