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avenue de la Salm 50
080/21 50 52
MPS Légende
MPS - Maison du Pays de Salm - Maquette (22)
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Discover the house of Salmland

Credit : Maxime Alexandre

This is not just a museum but a spectacular visit ; The "Maison du Pays de Salm" offers you the possibility to discover the area of the Salmvalley, its history, and geography.Let me take you through our underground tunnels to meet the men and women who worked our rocks. you can learn, be given a fright, and end the visit with a song! Duration of the tour: 1 hour.Visit only in french, dutch or german but visual material for English-speaking visitors

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50 avenue de la Salm
6690 Vielsalm
Lat : 50.27945Lng : 5.91124
366 m
1 d

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