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avenue de la Salm 50
080/21 50 52
Le Grand Hêtre

Le Grand Hêtre

Local products in a very short circuit. Small seasonal restaurants. Gourmet aperitifs on the terrace or in front of a wood fire.Gourmet refuge located in the middle of nature. A moment of relaxation in the countryside! Local cuisine in front of a wood fire or on the terrace. 

Technical information

4 Logbiermé
4980 Wanne
Lat : 50.34475Lng : 5.95628
153 d

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Période et horaire d'ouverture (EN)

Geöffnet: Donnerstags, freitags, samstags von 9:30 bis 21 Uhr.Und der erste Sonntag im Monat 

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