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avenue de la Salm 50
080/21 50 52
Brasserie Lupulus (6)
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Brewery Lupulus

Credit : Gobron

This brewery uses top quality ingredients to product this liquid gold, from spring water to the most sought-after hops. The beers on offer from the Lupulus brewery will appeal to lovers of the divine beverage for their very typical, hoppy taste. By way of explanation, the Latin name for hops is "Humulus Lupulus", which also means 'Humble little wolf' ...The brewery can be visited by reservation (in EN, FR or NL) at weekends and on public holidays, from 10 people upward.  Reservation op the website

Technical information

50 Courtil
6671 Courtil
Lat : 50.2143Lng : 5.91272
476 m
2 d