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Expo : « Skin Game » au Tamat

Expo : « Skin Game » au Tamat

From the ancient tapestries from the 15th century which made Tournai renowned, to very contemporary works, and in-between, chronologically speaking – in the form of the post-war “Forces Murales” movement – immerse yourself back into the textile arts, from yesteryear to the current day. Coming to TAMAT also presents you with the opportunity to discover the “Skin Game” installation, created by Caroline Andrin, which has just become part of the Federation Wallonia-Brussels collections in the care of the Museum of Tapestry, collections which feature more than 250 works and which bear witness to six centuries of the textile arts. But TAMAT also houses research and experimentation workshops on its site. Each year grant-holders come to work here and are given complete artistic freedom. The veritable creative beating heart of the non-profit organisation (ASBL), the intention with these workshops is to nurture fresh talents in the field of the textile arts. Also to be found here is a documentation and study centre which hosts researchers, students, teachers and the general public who are engaged in historical or biographical studies, and also a preservation and restoration workshop which enables visitors to discover the slow and painstaking work involved in preserving fibre. The workshop is open to the public and the people who carry out the preservation and restoration work are available to answer all the questions you might have.

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