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Les Feux de la Saint Jean – Ramène ta bûche !

Les Feux de la Saint Jean – Ramène ta bûche !

The Midsummer Day Fires are re-investing in the Caseau Brewery in Templeuve. A third edition which will focus on the bonfire. Appointment as of 16:00 for shows concerts, animations, local products and artists - all in a festive family atmosphere! The pastoral atmosphere behind the Brewery is just right for the relaxation of little and large and for the inspiration of the artists and organizers who will decorate the place in an off-beat way for the occasion. Bicycle hung at the bar, door in the middle of the field, bubbles fixed to the branches… The decor is 100% cool! To the tunes of Gypsy jazz, everyone feels at home there and can savour at their ease the local beers: Tournay, Tournay Noire, Tournay Triple and Midsummer Day, a light beer brewed solely for the event. In the evening, another decor takes shape in the courtyard of the brewery with musicians, artists and extras, before the Midsummer's Day procession proceeds towards the big bonfire…

Technical information

67 Rue Cazeau
7520 Templeuve
Lat : 50.6341Lng : 3.27235
2 d