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Balade nature des guides Nature du pays des Collines

Balade nature des guides Nature du pays des Collines

The purpose of the not-for-profit organisation “Collines Nature Guides” is to help people discover nature. In particular it wants to create awareness about and to protect Wallonia’s natural heritage in the Natural Park of Pays des Collines area (Ellezelles, Flobecq, Frasnes, Mont-de-l’Enclus and three villages in the Ath entity (grouping of municipalities) – Houtaing, Mainvault, Ostiches) and in neighbouring sites. The organisation was founded in 1975 by Théo Mercenier and by people who wanted to share their passion and wage the first battles in defence of the natural heritage of the Collines (hills). This passion for nature and this concern about defending heritage remain the organisation’s priorities. It also concerns itself with the region’s architectural, cultural and historical heritage and endeavours to promote products from the local area. Every Sunday throughout the whole of the year, the Pays des Collines Nature Guides organise a guided walk with a particular theme. The walks are free. To find out the themes of these scheduled walks, consult the Collines Nature Guides’ programme. Regarding all of the walks, wear footwear suitable for walking in and dress depending on what the weather is like. It is preferable to contact the relevant guide to get confirmation that a walk will indeed take place, if the weather is bad.

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