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Festival "Voix Intimes"

Festival "Voix Intimes"

The 13th edition of the European string quartet festival of Tournai will start in October. This annual festival, which has gained a reputation in Belgium among lovers of string quartets, offers a well-balanced programme, divided between traditional and contemporary music. It has acquired a European dimension and welcomes quartets from all over the continent, as well as young Belgian musicians from the different communities. The “Les Voix Intimes" festival is also an educational event, with meetings and workshops for young professionals and amateurs alike. It’s a unique occasion where young and not so young lovers of this wonderful art meet and are surrounded by the best artists, who pass on their experience in an atmosphere of mutual exchange and generosity.

Technical information

7500 Tournai
Lat : 50.5995Lng : 3.37436
30 d