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Expo: cousu main.

Expo: cousu main.

In cooperation with “L’Art dans la Ville”, the Museum of Puppetry Art invites you to a surprising temporary exhibition of the work of Anne Bothuon. This artist, whose favourite tool is a pair of sewing scissors, creates full-size human figures out of nothing but fabric and cotton wool. Through her soft and light sculptures, either full-size or scaled down, the artist takes us on a journey in a sensual fantasy world, centred around women. This exhibition is the main feature of the “Festival Découvertes, Images et Marionnettes 2013”. The works are exhibited on the three principal sites of the event: the Culture House, the Cloth Hall and the Puppet Centre. The vernissage will take place on 5 October at 4.30 pm in the Museum of Puppetry Art, in the presence of the artist.

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47 Rue Saint-Martin
7500 Tournai
Lat : 50.6046Lng : 3.3868
158 d

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