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The Roman columns
The Roman columns

The Roman columns

Credit : OT CEVA

These four columns have been standing on the square since 1961 only.
One of them, moved from the La Barbotais village in 1825, is meant to have been a milestone on the Etrat Roman road between Corseul and Vannes (Morbihan).
Another one might have been used as an altar for sacrifices, recent research suggests, however, that it was reused as a font by the Church, a common practise to reuse pagan ruins. The last two could have belonged to a long gone Roman monument.
The taller one bears theses writings : “IMP. CAES. AVONIO-VICTORINO. P.E.P.I.S.C.O.L.E.V.C”. One of the possible translations would be: ‘To the Emperor Caesar Avonius Victorinus, pious, fortunate, invincible prince, his ambassador dedicates and consecrates this monument.’

Not far from there, you can visit with your family, in Corseul, the Centre d’Interprétation du Patrimoine CORIOSOLIS and many remnants of these Gallo-Roman times.

D89 22980 Saint-Méloir-des-Bois
Lat : 48.4575Lng : -2.25012
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