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45, Quai Aristide Briand
19000 TULLE
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Belvédère de Marèges
Belvédère de Marèges
Belvédère de Marèges

Belvédère de Marèges

A panoramic view of the Marèges hydroelectric complex as well as of Limousin’s plateaus and the mountains of Auvergne. The path leading to the belvedere starts on the Mole plateau (« cité ouvrière de la SHEM ») in the town of Liginiac. It heads into the woods where you can see vestiges of the history of Marèges dam : air raid defense elements set up by the Germans during WW2 and an old retention basin. The path leads to a special platform set up above the Dordogne river gorges and Marèges dam. An orientation table enables visitors to spot the main visible peaks. The site is located in a « Natura 2000 » zone, with many protected bird species, that come to enjoy the peaceful Dordogne gorges and to mate.

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Lat : 45.3917383Lng : 2.3645297
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