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45, Quai Aristide Briand
19000 TULLE
05 44 41 90 20
Le Sablier EDF dam
Le Sablier EDF dam

Le Sablier EDF dam

Le Sablier was inaugurated in 1958 and is the smallest dam along the river Dordogne. It is also an original construction, quite different from the usual spectacular dams. Water flows smoothly through the dam, and is filtered softly as though the dam was an hour glass : hence the dam’s name (“Sablier” means hourglass). It is 35 metres tall and holds back 9 kms of water.

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Le Sablier
Lat : 45.1051659Lng : 1.9532123
0 m
164 d

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Tel: 05 55 91 09 94