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Located at 6 km from Bozel, Tincave (1300 m height) has got nearly 50 resident. This hamlet has got its Chapel Saint Bernard of Menthon and also some relics of mines from the last century.
The hamlet of Tincave has got a real history well settle down with its beauty and its heritage, like the other villages of Bozel.

It has its own Chapel Saint Bernard of Menthon (celebrated the 25th of June) built in 1600 and rebuilt in 1776 after a fire break out in the village.
Saint Bernard travelled in the Alps for 40 years, and took care of many travellers and pilgrims. He creates hospices at the two passes that they now have his name. He is the Patron Saint of the highlander and the mountain climber.
An oratorical dedicated to Saint Michel is located at the entrance of the hamlet.

Tincave is also a hamlet well-known for its coal mines (They don’t exist anymore nowadays). Indeed, open at the beginning of 20th century they closed in 1961. They were carried on by the “Compagnie Générale d’Electrochimie” of Bozel (It becomes Nobel-Bozel in 1957).
These mines were really important; they made as much productivity as the one in la Mure in Isère.
The footpath of the miner went between Tincave and Lachenal.

Tincave has got also a “bachal” that we can see in the village. A “bachal” is a big basin built with rocks which was used like a watering place for the quarter. They are still numerous in the hamlet of Bozel; you can find a “bachal” in each village.

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